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Empower your Business using Start-Up Nation Technologies

"As the former Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology, I have witnessed

the transformation of the Israeli tech sector into the world-famous "Start-Up Nation". Despite it's  phenomenal growth, it's clear that there are still opportunities around the world that require a 

different approach when assimilating Israeli technology into the global market".


Ran Ber CEO and Founder of ISnnovation



Together with a team of experts in their fields we have formed the ISnnovation group; a private

company dedicated to integrating Israeli innovation around the world.


We work closely with our clients to identify their challenges and potential growth areas.

We then use our deep connections in the Start-Up Nation to identify untapped potential

and provide unparalleled access to cutting-edge Israeli technologies to

create tailor-made solutions to meet our client’s needs.


We work in the fields of Healthcare, Cyber Security, Fintech, Agri-tech,

Food tech & Retail, industry 4.0, smart cities, Investment, Blockchain,

Edutech and water & renewable energy.


Identify  >  Integrate  >  Innovate



Keyboard and Mouse



Identify untapped potential.
We meet the organizations, companies, and government leaders around the world, listen to, and learn from them, about the challenges they are facing and will be facing in the next 3-5 years.


Based on their individual and specific needs we plan and suggest the best tailor-made bespoke solutions.


The integration process, where we manage the project's progress, makes sure it is delivered from A-Z, on time, in full, and within budget.



  • Integrating complementary solutions to solve our clients' challenges; we create bespoke integrated solutions, be it multiple companies and/or multiple technologies.


  • Enable investors to receive technological due diligence services for their investments in advanced Israeli technology.

  • As entrepreneurs, we will provide you with opportunities to make the right investments and/or provide you with opportunities to meet the right investors.


Meet The Team

Esther Ochana

Rachel arieli.jpg

Racheli Arieli

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Co-founding member of Healthcare Israel an entrepreneurial part of Israel’s Health Ministry that sells Israeli health innovation and expertise to the world.


Yelena Vilencyk

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Yelena Vilencyk - CEO and Founder of Effectiveness, inactive operational activist, and improving organizational performance.

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Ido Norden is the Founder and CEO of NGV and is leading the company’s development and future engagements in Israel and in China.

Prior to establishing NGV, he founded and has been serving as the Managing Partner of InnerCircle, an Israel-based holding company.


Prof. Yoram Kapulnik

Daniel Barok

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Serves as VP for Business Development in SpacePharma startup company with focus on governmental and institutional organizations (like state level, national & international space agencies) since 2017.

Daniel holds MBA and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

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Hila Givon Founder and CEO ISROG

Hila is a successful entrepreneur and high-tech executive, focusing on innovative solutions for the oil & gas industry. Special Consultant to Israel’s Ministry of Energy - Oil and Gas Innovation at Israel Ministry of Energy. 


Dr. Mili Perry

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Erez Mizrachi 

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A digital/business/culture transformation leader, combining deep Product knowledge, rich bottom-up insights and strategic operations know-how to lead change, innovation and growth in global organizations and cities (smart cities).

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Raanan Adin.jpg

Erez Bavli

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Etti Berger

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Steve Gray

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Former Strategic Investment Manager, Focus on venture capital investments in mobility sector for Intel Capital in Israel, from deal structure, negotiation through portfolio management and exit


 Dr. Assaf Bitman

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Prof. Yoram Kapulnik is the Executive Director of the U.S.-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund (BARD)


Hila Givon

Dr. Mili Perry is an expert and consultant for innovation, blockchain and R&D. She is a former research director at The Open University of Israel and CEO of its TTO Company.


Ran Ber

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Mr. Ber is the Founder and CEO
of ISnnovation the Israeli Innovation. Center and formerly the
Director-General of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the
State of Israel.

Ido Norden

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Etti Berger CEO, Co-Founder at TripleP Consulting and Training, LTD Has over 25 years of practical experience in Cyber Security as a leading Product Manager in various Cyber Security Companies.

Esther Ochana is the director of Innovationation, Business Tourism, conference and events. An innovative thinker passionate about making a difference in the way people conceive Israel.

Building busiuness relationships between Israel and countries around the world.

Raanan Adin

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Strategic advisor to public and private organizations worldwide in water and innovation. Addressing urban, rural and industrial water management and water security; Consultant to innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and funds; Keynote speaker on holistic water management and innovation.

Experienced Project and Business Development Executive with a demonstrated history of working in Government &National Scale Technology projects such as Environment (Agriculture, Water, Recycling) Defense and Smart Cities (Cyber, Communication, Aerospace, Infrastructure). 

Experienced physicist and team leader with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industry as well as in the electro-optics industry. Skilled in electro-optics, optics, research and development (R&D) and project management. Strong engineering professional with a doctor of philosophy (PhD), focused on
electro-optic engineering 

VP Biz Dev, medical device company

“Israeli tech solutions are

developing so rapidly, it's

almost impossible to keep up.”

Minister of Communications

“I know the solution is out there somewhere, but we can’t seem to find the right fit for our situation”

CIO, Fintech solutions provider

Maybe Israel can provide the competitive advantage that will help us leapfrog our competition.


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